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by Tommaso Masciantonio in collaboration with Mitera GmbH


Contents: Capacity 580g, (drained weight 350g)

Application: Seasoning & Refine as an aperitif
Green olives of the Intosso variety with pit and ripe (purple) olives of the Leccino variety with pit, salt, E300 (ascorbic acid), E 330 (citric acid).


The olive mix:
Tommaso Masciantonio has his olives, picked from the tree, pickled whole with the pit in a brine with a low salt content (salt content only around two percent). This means that the olives' own taste is not masked by too much salt, which is very pleasant if you eat the olives plain. The green Intosso olives have a crunchy bite and a nutty taste, the smaller, ripe Leccino olives have a soft flesh and a ripe, fruity taste.


Culinary use:
The olive mix is delicious as an aperitif at home or simply in between. The Italians like to eat green olives as an aperitivo and use the ripe purple olives as an ingredient in many pasta, fish or meat dishes.


Nutritional declaration per 100g:

calorific value179 kcal/737 kj
hereof: saturated fatty acids2.9g
carbohydrates 0.7g
of which sugar 0g
protein 1.9g
Salt 1.2g
fiber 4.4g

Mixed olives in brine

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