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A slightly sweet, dark Buon Condimento. Sweet in taste, noticeable concentration of raisined grapes, slightly viscous. This great product was allowed to mature for five years in various fine wooden barrels to become a top product.



Buon Condimento, fermented vinegar mixture


nutritional values
Nutritional values per 100ml:
Energy: 304.0 kcal (1289.0kJ)
Fat: 0.0g
Carbs: 75.0
Protein: 1.37g
Salt: 0.00g
Acidity: 4.9%


Ingredients: concentrated grape must (Italy), white wine vinegar (Italy), sulfite


production country


Store cool and protected from light. A natural sediment can form during storage, which does not affect the product quality. Sedimentation is not accepted as a reason for exchange. This is a natural, handcrafted product. Color and flavor may vary.
Minimum durability from production 120 months

Aceto-Balsamico, Buon Condimento

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