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Aceto-Balsamico, Buon Condimento

This fine, dark balsamic vinegar impresses with its sweet and warm flavors. Its taste resembles raisined grapes and is balsamic sweet. Strictly guarded family recipes and the five-year maturation in various wooden barrels round off the flavor of this outstanding product. 



Buon Condimento, fermented vinegar mixture


nutritional values
Nutritional values per 100ml:
Energy: 304.0 kcal (1289.0kJ)
Fat: 0.0g
Carbs: 75.0
Protein: 1.37g
Salt: 0.00g
Acidity: 4.9%


Ingredients: concentrated grape must (Italy), white wine vinegar (Italy), sulfite


production country


Store cool and protected from light. A natural sediment can form during storage, which does not affect the product quality. Sedimentation is not accepted as a reason for exchange. This is a natural, handcrafted product. Color and flavor may vary.
Minimum durability from production 120 months.

Aceto-Balsamico, Buon Condimento 500ml

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