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Specifications Mitera Throumbolia


Product category/Material designation: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutritional values/Nutritional value per 100ml

Energy content (in kj) : 3449
Energy content (in kcal) : 824
Fat (g) : 91.6
Saturated fatty acids (g) : 13.3
Carbohydrates (g) : 0
Of which sugar (g) : 0
Protein (g) : 0
Salt (g) : 0
General Content per unit : 500 ml
Diet : Vegan
Country of production : Greece
Certifications : DNA Certification
Manufacturer warranty : 24 months
Warranty information : Mitera GmbH


Soft and smooth fragrance of medium intensity. Distinct notes of green tomatoes, almonds and aromatic herbs. Soft and gentle on the palate at first, then a powerful explosion of flavors with pronounced vegetable-fruity aromas of chicory, artichoke and lettuce. The bitterness and spiciness express themselves elegantly and balanced.


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